Fish Ponds

Fish Pond

Fish Ponds
We specialise in the service, design, supply and installation of residential, business and corporate ponds.

Fish ponds are a unique feature in any garden or courtyard and can bring your landscaping to life. Ponds range in size and there are many base options from plastic to dirt, sand and concrete.

As good water quality is the most essential element in any fish pond, some will require more regular water changing, cleaning and treatment for algae and bacteria. Fish grow more slowly in ponds, live longer and are easier to keep.

For your pond you require a:
Pond water filter
Pond water pump
Hardy or tropical water plants

Suitable fish include: Koi Carp, Comets, Fantails and Orandas

Fish Pond

Pond Maintenance, Service and Cleaning
The Fish Tank Guy provides flexible maintenance programs and casual services to suit your pond size, budget and schedule.

Pond service and maintenance calls start from $220 inc.gst + parts and products.
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Fish Pond
Pond Design
The Fish Tank Guy has a great range of pond options depending on the size and style of pond you require.

We can custom design a pond to your exact measurements from scratch, deliver and install your new system ready to add your fish and landscaping.

The Fish Tank Guy provides custom built water plant landscaping to suit the size and style of your pond.

We have a great range of water plants, pebbles and sand to create a unique and individualised design to your taste and budget.

Pond Products
We stock a large range of fish pond accessories including:

Water filters
Water pumps
Fresh, live and dried fish food
Coldwater fish varieties
Water and plants
Pebbles and sand
Solutions to control pests, algae and bacteria
Water testing kits

As each pond is different, we can recommend the best and cheapest products to suit your
coldwater pond system.

We also have extensive experience in servicing filters if yours breakdown or can recommend
a suitable replacement.

Contact us to discuss any of your fish pond requirements.


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