We at The Fish Tank Guy have been working in the aquatic industry  for over 15 years and in our time we have built, maintained and serviced any and every type of aquarium and pond.

We pride ourselves on producing quality workmanship, product and sustainably sourced fish corals.

At The Fish Tank Guy we still service and maintain customers who have been satisfied and loyal from the conception of our business to date. This is testament to the quality service we provide.

We have built professional trust with large industry right through to personal residential customers.

We also pride ourselves on our communication skills. If a customer or client has a question or concern we are more than happy to discuss and find the best resolution. We pride ourselves on helping clients choose fish and livestock who are known to live in harmony. Not all fish live together happily. We have had many customers who lose whole tanks of fish because of an illinformed purchase. So our knowelge and understanding of your individual needs will always be in the best interest of you the client and the harmony of your aquarium or pond.

Please feel free to contact us for a chat or obligation free quote. 

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Our Vision.

Here at The Fish Tank Guy we believe in providing a service that is reliable and focuses on the health of the tank or pond and the fish or plants within it.

We wish to continue to bring integrity to this industry by providing customers with truthful information so that they can make informed decisions.

Here's What Some Of Our Customers Said.

"It is a pleasure to write a note of endorsement and acknowledgement for The Fish Tank Guy. They have been looking after our corporate fish tank for around four years. They have a passion for their work and this translates into enthusiasm across all our team members, including those who might not have been into fish previously! The obvious Feng Shui and serenity of an office fish tank means that this is one office 'indulgence' we wont go without. Craig from The Fish Tank Guy is pleasant and enthusiastic who has really become part of the DealsDirect family over the years. I can recommend his services without hesitation."

Paul Greenberg, DealsDirect NSW

"I can recommend The Fish Tank Guy for his expertise and experience in all aspects of fish tank care. He has created a beautiful and relaxing underwater world in my home".

Mara Kositsin

'The Fish Tank Guy has given us great advice for our tanks performance. Their service is efficient, experienced and polite. The Fish Tank Guy has maintained the long term health of our tank, it remains clear and clean with a regular maintenance program that has kept our fish healthy and our staff and customers enjoying it.'

Vilna Urriola NSW

'My three favorite shops couldn't solve the water stability problem I had but The Fish Tank Guy was the hero.

The Fish Tank Guy isolated the problem and my tank has been perfect ever since. I'm no longer too scared to look into the tank in case another fish has died. The Fish Tank Guy now visits regularly and I buy cheap plants and water treatments goods from them. They also bring me fish cheaper than from the shops and that I know are healthy (and won't die in a we
ek or spread disease through my tank).

Thanks Craig, much appreciated.

Adelina, NSW