Aquarium Maintenance

Here at The Fish Tank Guy Pty Ltd we believe in flexible maintenance schedules to suit our client's individual needs to help you keep your  aquarium or fish tank in a healthy and aesthetically pleasing condition.

We look after an extensive cliental base ranging from residential, business, school's, medical, dentist's, nursing homes, hotel's, motel's, club's, through to corporate and many other customers in between.

Our aquarium and fish tank maintenance fees are tailored to each individual's needs. Maintenance fee covers travelling and labour. We also supply product, livestock and equipment at an extra cost. 

As we are a mobile service we come to you to personally to assess your aquarium or fish tanks maintenance needs.

After we assess your individual needs, we will tailor a regular maintenance schedule for you.

Our Number one priority is and always will be the health of your aquarium or fish tanks, water quality, chemical parameters, livestock, plants and coral.

Water testing kit
Fish Tank coral